What is ASANJAY{आसनजय} , PAWANJAY{पवनजय} MANOJAY{मनोजय} in Spirituality ?

How does it play IMP role for SADHAK in Spirituality? 

Is it really worth of walking spiritual path , if SADHAK doesn't achieve this ..

Asanjay means you got victory at your asans.  In spirituality the sadhak need not any particular asan (charm asan, vyaghra asan, kushasan etc which can be use for sitting purpose for sadhna.  Different different asans has different purpose.  Also padmasan and sukhasan etc are sitting mudras used for different sadhna.  

A sadhak who has vijay on these asanas, the who siddha all this can say that he has Asanjay. These sadhaks can sit some inches or fits above the ground. Pavanajay means the victory over pavan means Vayu.  Vayu which exists within us (apan vayu, udan vagu etc)  which are very essencial for eating, disetion, and removal of the stool.  without these Vayus one can not survive and also the other Vayu which we breath. Shwasan and utsarjan of the Vayu. So some sadhak had vijay in these.  

Some can hold a breath for some time.  Many sadhna has different types of Shwasan and Utsarjan kriyas. The sadhk who has victory on these Vayu sadhnas called Pawanjay which is  one of the  panchmahabhutManojay means victory on Mann ( it includes buddhi, hriday)

So in short as per spiritual aspect man (mastishk) udar (vayu sandarbh) asan has important role.


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